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  • The development of improved lentil cultivars well-adapted to the local environment is an on-going process in the breeding program and is critical for long-term genetic gain. Recent climate instability adds another layer of complexity to breeding efforts. Continued genetic improvement of lentil will, therefore, involve the introduction of new alleles that extend beyond the existing adapted pool of germplasm. Our goal in Mohsen Canada company is to enhance the productivity and quality of Canadian lentils by expediting the expansion of genetic diversity of the Canadian lentil germplasm base with the use of genomic technologies.
Research & Development

Saskatchewan is at the heart of the Canadian pulse industry. Being strategically located in Saskatchewan, we can source and export: Red Split Lentils, Red Football Lentils, Whole Red Lentils, Green Lentils: Laird, Eston, and Richler lentils, 

Seed Science

Lentil growing in soils with low organic matter, in dry environments or seeded early into cool, wet soils may benefit from the application of low rates of N as a “starter N” source.

From: Encyclopedia of Grain Science, 2004 

The Colour and appearance of lentils are important grading factors. A machine vision system for colour grading of lentils was developed using a flatbed scanner as the image-gathering device. 

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